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Packaging under vacuum; a revolution for the food industry

Since before time began, man has developed ingenious means for conserving his food for the longest possible time.

One of the most recent techniques, vacuum packaging, has accompanied the development of modern commerce in the last few decades.

In the 1980’s this technique for food packaging was introduced in France, and Mr LEKER, supported by his spouse, created the company SERVIPACK which offers a range of vacuum packaging systems and selected packaging products under exclusivity.

Advice and technical service, training and quality control are the strengths which enable the development and protection of the flavours and taste of culinary preparations.

In 2002, in order to improve its efficacy and product offering, SERVIPACK partnered with ONE, thus completing its range of vacuum packaging, and extending the technology of vacuum packaging to other sectors outside of the food industry.

MULTIVAC: a partner of choice!

SERVIPACK chose Multivac as partner, which is the world leader in vacuum and gas packaging machines. The company covers the markets of thermal compression moulding, protective covering, vacuum packaging and packaging under protective atmosphere, of labelling and of packaging engineering. Present in 105 countries, the company is certified ISO 9001 version 2000, a further proof of the constant focus on quality at Multivac.

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Thanks to Mr LEKER, creator of SERVIPACK, for his involvement in the development of this site.